Sunday, December 14, 2008


Eyes - Kevin Rodrigues

I watch you looking as bright as the sun
I try to get closer
Smitten that I am by you
Your presence is like the warmth of fire
It draws me close to you

No words or actions are necessary
Just being close to you sets me free
Then begins to dawn reality
What could be and what is there to see

The heart has hope but the mind doesn't
A constant battle between the two
Leaves both in a state unpleasant
Indecision causes the mood to go blue

Wishing my eyes filled with hope
Would express what words could not say
Imagine how my heart would cope
If the moment of love was here to stay

Abruptly ends my illusion
As I watch in your beautiful eyes
There seems to be some confusion
As they seek someone's presence

They move away from my direction
To a place away from my stand
There seems to be some distraction
What seems like an entrance grand

My eyes have lost this fight
Now they are filled with tears
Tried with all their might
How true now are their fears.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh My God!

Watched the movie Oh, My God! It starts off pretty ok but the ending was average and could have been better. I'm actually beginning to kind of enjoy bollywood movies considering the amount of variety in story and concept that is available these days (I kind of dislike the typical run around the bush emotional types. They are OK once in a while but get on my nerves when every movie seems that way). I feel movies should have a message which a common person can relate to. So that when people watch a movie they have an aha (this happened to me moment). That's what makes it fun to watch.

Coming back to Oh, My God!, it is a movie which is based on the thought that earning money is not everything in this world. There are things (family, friends, life) which is much, much more important. How we should be giving a more priority to the small things in life which make life worth living. Many people spend most of their time running after trying to make more money. And most do so at the cost of spending less time on the things that really matter. Money is really important, considering that in our present world, many things can be bought by money. But then the question is how much is enough. Somehow, people are never satisfied by the amount of money that they have. Even millionaires and billionaires are always finding themselves in the race to earn more money.

Actually it's a people's choice. If you want to set your goal in life to earn more money, kindly do so. Personally, I consider money as a means of buying things. But it's love, values and respect that are far more important .

So when the stock markets crumble or the interest rates fall, some guys have to say "Oh, My God!, we have lost so much in life" while the wise ones just shrug their shoulders and say "Thank you God" for what we have in life.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Terrorist attacks in Mumbai

I am sure we all are aware of the terrorist attacks that happened in Mumbai.

Salute to all the heroes who sacrified their lives so that the city is once again safe for us. May their souls rest in peace.

Also I along with others hope that this will not be forgotten in a couple of months.

We need to start a movement as mentioned by people which will start a change in the way our country is being handled.

I am not going to perform a postmortem of this attack because I am incapable of doing so. Though I would be proud to be a part of any movement which can bring about the change that India badly needs.