Sunday, September 30, 2007

Does BPO staff have health problems?

The Health and IT Ministry wants to create a health policy for the IT workplace.

I am a little confused as what does the IT workplace constitute. But before that a question. Is the health of an average BPO employee suffering too much? I really don't know the answer. But logic seems to tell that night shifts and stressful situations along with irregular eating habits surely aren't going to create the healthiest of people. So I am sure there is some truth to the concerns that the ministry has stated and NASSCOM should have a healthy discussion with the ministry on the topic with an open mind because if the IT industry suffers the entire country will suffer.

And what does the IT workplace constitute? I think the health policy should extend to outsourcing companies as well where employees have to work in shifts and for a longer stressful period of time.

Since today is World Heart Day, it should not be missed that Indians are genetically prone to heart disease and the number of youngsters who are falling prey to it is alarming. The stress and irregular eating habits with a sedentary lifestyle are just speeding up the process of a hearty disaster.

The youth of our country is progressing but at what cost. One wonders.

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  1. I wl comment about IT industry not BPO.I guess the problem starts when deadline is set by upper management,they agrees for unrealistic deadlines coz they know that if they force us to work on weekends nd even on holidays we wl agree & we too fulfill their expectations by working day nd night & waste our imp time which we could have used in better manner for relaxation. The solution is realistic deadlines shd b made & this wont be done unless nd until we dnt realize what r we loosing coz of it & complain against it.

  2. Thanks for the comment Suvarna. I know it is indirectly directed to me for working on a holiday :)

    I agree with you on your views.
    That is why even I think a health policy is needed for the entire IT industry since it consists of young people and they should not suffer health problems so early in their life.

    The deadlines is another topic which I will discuss extensively in another post. BTW, didn't you do the same thing in China. And you could not complain, could you :)