Friday, December 28, 2007

Justice for killing

Today I was discussing what type of punishment should be meted out to people who kill other people.

Basically people think of two types of punishments for killers. Either life imprisonment or death.

My view is that if the death is due to an accident or any unavoidable and unfortunate event then the punishment should not amount to death. But people who kill for money, mental imbalance or any other reason purely to satisfy their needs should be given death. No other punishment will do justice to the killed than death to the killer.

Some people are proponents of life imprisonment hoping that the killer gets reformed. Jail will just harden a criminal in most cases. Such beings cannot be called as human. They are worse than animals. People who think that life imprisonment is justice should consider if they would think the same way if it happened to them or someone close to them.

Bottom line: Death to remorseless, cold hearted killers.


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  2. Just a thought...

    what about mass killers, rapists, and those who start and carry out genocide? Would death be justice enough for them? They did not just kill; they tortured, raped, and orphaned the mind, body and soul. Simply ending their life would actually be an act of kindness in comparison to the horrors they inflicted. What would justice be for the acts they carried out?

  3. Hi Raatkiranii,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Yes, for mass killers, rapists and those who carry out genocide, death might not be enough. For such monsters, ideal justice would be to subject them to the same torture that they did to innocent beings. But the so called human rights activists oppose even death to such people. Hence my view is for these activists who think that just by keeping such people in prison, they can be reformed which is really injustice to those who suffered under them.