Monday, March 24, 2008

Feeling down? Don't bring others down

It happens to all of us, doesn't it. Some days we are happily walking down life's road, watching to the roses bloom on both sides of the road. And then there are days, we are dragging ourselves on the same road, rocky this time and thorns to avoid on both sides. Well, it's the same road, the same flowers but our view of it had changed this time. Because we stumbled over a few rocks, we now see the road as rocky and because a few thorns pricked us, we forget the flowers.

The worst part is that when most of us feel low, we tend to (whether knowingly or unknowingly), try to bring people, especially our friends and close ones down as well. Just imagine having a bad day at office, then coming home. Getting a nice greeting from family and friends and just exploding in their faces. I've been guilty of doing that and believe me, that's not a nice way of meeting some one close to you. Because it ends up passing your bad mood onto that person especially if he/she is close to you. Most of the times, family and really cool friends will understand that you are having a really bad day and will be most comfortable listening as you blast about how you day was bad. But then it takes one nasty word, a few hasty sentences that can really put strains on a person's mood.

The best thing is to keep a control when we feel down. Sure, it is not easy to not get upset when you just missed your 7:48 local and you are jammed up in the train. But then again it is easy. When we feel low, we continuously think about it. We should realize that if we can do anything to change our situation we should. But if not, then there is no use of thinking about it and worse passing it on to our loved ones.

So the next time you come home and feel like banging a cricket bat on your boss's head, remember to postpone that till you reach office the next day and the friend in front of you is willing to take it but does not deserve it.


  1. Nice post...I kinda stumbled on your blog and I found it interesting.I love philosophy and thoughts on how to live a good life..keep up the good'd be great if you could blog more about your philosophical views...cos there are not many "philosophical" bloggers out there...
    The Thinker

  2. Thank you "The Thinker" for your comment. Yeah, I will try and put more posts stating my philosophical views about life.

  3. i feel the ritual of feeling low is something like cleansin ourselves, being self critical n thinkin a lot.. in my case, i never let anyone down though i secretly wished my friends to ve a bad time n join me.. lol.. the other day, after one f my exams, whn i was wondering if i may pass, one f my friends said, "You gonna flunk today for sure and write the exam again with me!".. i kinda blasted out and jus moved away imaginin the worse thing becoming real!!

  4. Practice Mindfulness. Don't control. Observe and let go. See what's coming and let it pass through you. Only you will remain.