Monday, November 19, 2007

Life is cricket

A thought came into my mind today how life seems so much like cricket whether we consider it from the viewpoint of a batsman, bowler or a fielder.

The batsman has to face every delivery just as we have to face every day in our lives. Every delivery has to be played on its merit. The bowler has to deliver his quota of overs. Every ball may be different. Some may be poor balls, some good. Just as we have to live every day on it's merit, not worrying about the past or the future.

Also the batsman has a lot of protection: helmet, shin guards, gloves, etc. The bowler has the fielders as his protection. He has the wicketkeeper who enables him to bowl to full potential. Those are like the people who help us in our difficulties in life. Also like our spiritual side which acts as a protection for the troubles that we face in life. They encourage us to do our best and trust us to live to our full potential.

And then there are the spectators. They are like our friends who encourage us to keep on achieving our best. They are ones who empathize with us, grow angry or sad with us.

What we can learn from this analogy of life and cricket is that no matter what happens or how tense the situation is, the only way to get the best out of a match or out of life is to do one thing:
Enjoy the game. Love every moment of it.


  1. Way too good ... :))& d reason is that u have compared it with cricket ..:))

  2. Hi Kevin, I enjoyed this post. I am developing my own post on the topic... and have been contemplating what, about cricket, is different relative to other sports in the lessons that it provides.... because your points could also be applied to baseball for example... with the subtle difference that, in baseball, even if you take each ball on its merit, you can still afford the luxury to let certain "strikes" come through without loss of wicket (per se) as opposed to cricket where any one ball can mean the end of your innings. Anyway, regards from Paris.